Begin at the beginning, your relationship to yourself.

~Philip Sheperd   




I Am Ready for Change

So Many Questions...

How did I end up here?

What am I doing with my life?

Why don’t I feel happy?

Why does my body hurt so much?

Where does all the time go?

Why do I make the same mistakes?

Find Better Answers

Hi, I'm Christine Madar

A Massage Therapist, Tibetan Cranial® Practitioner, Intuitive Reader and Metaphysician. BodyMind coaching brings all of this together so my clients can relax into the present moment and relieve stress.

I employ BodyMind Coaching to help you experience the connection between mind, body and spirit that already exists. By tuning into the subtle beauty of the present moment amazing clarity, strength and insight becomes available.   

I believe wholeheartedly that we are meant to live in harmony with ourselves and one another! 

More of my story...

There is a Better Way...

Gather your thoughts. Listen to your body. Choose your next step.

Redefine Your Success

What if you measured success differently?  What if success was not based on acquiring things or proving your worth to other people?  The right job, the big house, the overachieving kids.  What if, for a day, a month, a year you measure success by how alive you feel in each moment?  What if feeling alive, vibrant and clear is what leads you to ask different questions and find different answers?  What if the Present Moment is the key to feeling alive?

Reconnect With Your Body

For the first time in years you feel your body slow down and relaxation settle in.  You had forgotten what it feels like to be nurtured.  The relief is palpable.  It makes you want to cry with relief, and you do.  You want more of this.  You need more of this.  How would it feel to release layers of fatigue that have weighed you down for A LONG TIME?

Re-Energize Your Life

When you gather your energy instead of disperse it, and when you listen to your inner voice instead of interrupt it, you can make a choice that feels right. Your choice feels good and allows more energy to flow through you.  You feel refreshed, rejuvenated and renewed like rain after a long drought.  What has been dormant springs alive and begins to grow again. 

Feel Alive Again with BodyMind® Coaching

The twelve weekly Modules each have a specific practice that furthers you on your journey into integration, wholeness and relief.

Level I

This on-line course is designed to build a solid foundation for body/mind awareness. This self-directed program will help you settle a busy mind, listen to your body and choose your next steps thoughtfully.

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Level II

All the benefits of Level 1 PLUS coaching calls or bodywork sessions based on your need and desired outcome. We work together to re-frame stress and change patterns of thinking that weigh you down. 

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Level III

Level II support with a fascinating focus on metaphysical principles including akashic readings, ancient mind skills and the continuity of consciousness. This one shifts the body/mind connection into a whole new paradigm!

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"When you truly come home to yourself, you come home to the Present"

Philip Shepherd
Author of Radical Wholeness

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