Begin at the beginning, your relationship with yourself. ~Philip Sheperd



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 Be Your Own Best Friend

You have discovered there is a link between your thoughts and attitudes and how your body feels. And you want to know more.

You have psychic experiences; de ja vu, lucid dreams, telepathic moments, precognition. And you want an explanation.

You search for meaning and direction and need better answers. You love tools that are extra-ordinary and are ready for that one shift that changes everything.    

This is not a linear path, it is spectral, it is quantum and it is whole.

Welcome to an experience that is tailored for YOU. It is rooted in accountability, self acceptance and growth through BodyMindTM Coaching, Tibetan Cranial® Bodywork and discovery of wholeness through esoteric sciences.

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Christine is a keen observer of other people's strengths and admires the one of a kind story each person has to tell. She looks for area's of agreement between people and has a knack for finding common ground among those who have differing opinions. 

She believes that the future is created by choices made each moment, both individually and collectively. She also knows that encountering the unexpected is part of that journey. Christine offers a calm, practical presence when others are out of sorts. 

She has great faith that we are not isolated from one another or the Earth. Awareness of the quantum connection that is wholeness is ever-present in her mind. 

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Take Action

All people need support and guidance to make lasting changes. With Christine as a guide you can navigate choppy waters at the edge of your comfort zone. 

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Why Now?

Alignment within the whole Self is the key to clarity. Sometimes it is helpful to explore from the inside out through concentration, meditation, dreamwork. Sometimes a more useful route is to calm the nervous system through bodywork. Always the connecting link is you and your awareness.

  Christine's background includes 25 years of teaching applied metaphysics and 28 years as a bodyworker. Combining this wisdom creates a rich avenue for self discovery. You will come to know the truth that you are already whole and complete. 

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Tibetan Cranial® Bodywork 

Most people have an underlying longing for centeredness, for pulling all the pieces of our lives together into a calm unified experience, for relaxing their body and aligning their mind. 

From the Buddhist perspective, all human beings are the authors of their own health and healing. This philosophy forms the backbone of Tibetan Cranial® as well.

As a practitioner, Christine works on your head and neck assessing individual conditions that exist in a person's body, mind and spirit through deep pulse diagnosis. Both the practitioner and the recipient create and hold a sacred time and space, giving rise to the strong spiritual component of the work.

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Christine is a connector at heart and loves to share ideas and resources that are unique, revelatory and on the leading edge of consciousness. Join the Friends List for occasional updates and special invites.


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